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I debated for a while whether to write something about gamergate; not because I feel the issue is tired but because I’m tired. I have been watching this cancer spread for years now. Each significant increase has elicited an eye roll or frustrated scream, closed my wallet to certain developers,…

Wonderfully put. According to a tweet I saw you’re a “house n*gger” and a gender traitor for thinking like this. And this is the type of person who keeps the narrative hostage.

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This is an amazing book

Lol polotics

I’ve decided to hold off on posting political stuff for a while. Swedish elections coming up in a week and I have more than enough lol polotics irl.

This is an extra important election because we’ve had the same right wing government for eight years and they’ve… Well. They’ve done a decent job with the financial crisis and that’s swell! But at the same time they’ve made life harder for sick people, unemployed people, school pupils, preschool children, the elderly…

Allowing venture capitalists into healthcare, apotecaries, schools, elder care and employment offices has lowered quality and shuffled tax money into said private companies. Kids sit in moldy classrooms and old people lies in soiled diapers because some Scrooge wants to hide even more money away in the Cayman Islands or some other tax paradise.

Higher fees and lower payouts for unemployment insurance and labor unions to undo everything the socialists have built up the last hundred years. Forcing cancer patients to work. Setting the pension age to 75 (not done yet but they want to). Letting private human resources agencies control the employment market. Dumping salaries and worker’s rights by making it much easier for cheap labor from abroad to work here. Making up all manner of reforms that benefit the already privileged. Lobbyists pushing their various agendas with relative ease. The low to middle class people are back to being replaceable cattle. And oh, our obligatory nationalist social conservative homophobic party pretty much always votes with the right wing. We even have a nazi party now but it’s small and everyone hates them… But still. Scary as fuck.

Sweden is pretty much becoming a cyberpunk dystopia.

Don’t take me wrong, I love my country and it’s still one of the absolutely best places on Earth to live in. We take care of an enormous amount of refugees. Out of all of Europe only Germany and France take more than us and Sweden is a much much smaller country than those two along with most of the other European countries. People flee across entire Europe to get here because we’re known as a free, well-fed, civilized and generous people. That goes to show we’re not exactly bragging when we claim our country is a great place.

But some things must change. We need a socialist government again. Certain important things have gone downhill in the reins of the bourgeoise. This election is important and I hope people will think before they vote themselves down into oblivion.

The End of Gamers

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The last few weeks in videogame culture have seen a level of combativeness more marked and bitter than any beforehand.

First, a developer—a woman who makes games who has had so much piled on to her that I don’t want to perpetuate things by naming her—was the target of a…

Yes, a small clique of privileged well-made mostly white people (most of them living in San Fransisco for some reason) in the gaming press dictates the narrative, that’s not unhealthy at all. All manner of criticism that clashes with said narrative is automatically misogyny, ableism, racism or problematic and gross trolling no matter the amount of chatlogs, audiologs and sleuthing proving conflict of interest and cronyism you can back it up with. Speaking up against this is akin to throwing your career off a cliff.

Thankfully the sponsors and ad partners are starting to wake up to the fact the sites are alienating their readers with this kind of damage control. Countless examples of this clique threatening, ridiculing and even doxing gamers have been mailed to those who sits on the monetary handouts and it’s beginning to show. Kotaku already changed their policy about journalists backing indie devs financially to prevent conflict of interest. The Escapist’s boss gave a public apology and promised to give his employees hell for behaving unproffesionally on twitter. He made that MovieBob guy give an unwilling and half-assed apology on twitter. It’s not much but it’s something.

Please don’t make a knee-jerk reaction. Read up on this. Some of the most staunch supporters are feminists who actually took their time to go through the proof. There’s this influential feminist blogger who has started an alter ego twitter account to avoid being ostracized by her collegues. Many a feminist has expressed a disillusioned disappointment that people they respected weren’t that virtous after all. The cracks are widening, ugliness uncovered one convulsion after another

Yes there are some misogynist shitlord fedoras. But if you think the other side consists of shining paragons of justice and humanism only, you’re sooner or in for an unpleasant chock. It could be you being harassed and ostrazised for having a different opinion next time. Or you’re already one of those automaton sycophants, I don’t know.

As the righteous vidya pantheon of Polygon, Destructoid, The Escapist, Kotaku and Rock Paper Shotgun have stated these last days… the gamer is dead!
Now is the glorious time for the gamer+!
(this is a parody made by 4chan, a reference to the similar atheist+ movement)

As the righteous vidya pantheon of Polygon, Destructoid, The Escapist, Kotaku and Rock Paper Shotgun have stated these last days… the gamer is dead!

Now is the glorious time for the gamer+!

(this is a parody made by 4chan, a reference to the similar atheist+ movement)


What happened is that Kotaku and Polygon caved in about the “conflict of interest” issues some days ago, and reinforced their policy about their journalists not donating to developers. IIRC, Kotaku banned any donation, while Polygon put a disclaimer and a page to who each journalist is donating.

However, gaming websites saw that this isn’t blowing over as soon as they thought, and people above them (business affiliates) told them to do anything to stop this shit, because it’s drowning other news (like the Sims 4 release). Thus, they all united to do as much “Fuck you gamers, you’re dead” articles in as little time as possible (I think it’s 15 or 16 articles in 2 days). However, this was even worse, because people pushed them back. They’re trying to dilly-dally around the issue, but people aren’t eating their rhetoric bullshit anymore. They thought they were going to bait a bunch of angry “misogynerds” to direct harassment at them and use this harassment to end this shit on a high ground, but it backfired on them. If you go to any comments section of those websites, you’ll see nothing but people arguing their points, but using balanced views, and not just being trolls.

This made some individual journalists become desperate, like @BRKeogh from Polygon and @LukePlunkett at Kotaku, they’re lashing out on twitter and making this even worse for themselves.


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youre gonna look so goddamn cool


Ahem. Sorry. Great comic, skeletons make everything so much cooler.

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